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Venturing Into the Beauty and Traditions of Air-Conditioned Arabic Majlis Today

Introduction: of Arabic Majlis

In a wider context of interior design, modern Arabic Majlis represents both ideology and principles of sobriety in art and a harmony with the empirical world and Arabic feeling. Historical as they are, majlis emerged from the long-lasting ancient custom of spending time together and socializing, and they have become the epitome of the nation’s distinctive tradition and elegance. In the following, the core components of the Modern Arabic Majlis, the visual dimensions, as well as its major contribution to the design of contemporary living areas, will be introduced.

Understanding the Modern Arabic Majlis:

The word “majlis” is a borrowed one from Arabic that simply means a site, or a place, where people meet to sit on or discuss an issue(s). Usually, the majlis was a place where groups would gather together to conduct discussions on issues, provide a chance for sharing stories, and foster relationships. Nowadays, “al-Majlis” is a very important part of the symbolic and cultural life of Arabs, and over the years, it has already changed a lot to accommodate modern lifestyles and design choices.

Arabic Majlis
Arabic Majlis

Design Elements:

Color Palette:

Most of the time, contemporary Arab Majlis integrate terracotta, ochre, and sandy beige warm tones into their dé decor to provide a cozy feel. These shades represent dunes of deserts, thus expressing the basic Arabic motive—among others, a way of communicating with nature.


The traditional Majlis furniture consists of soft benches joining the cushions and finely carved wooden decorations. While in these contemporary solutions, these elements can be reimagined with these lines as being more sleek and with materials of the present, this way norm and function can merge.

Architectural Details:

Arabic architecture is characterized by the use of arches, geometric patterns, and ornate detailing. These elements are masters in the art of making Arabic modern majlis. These types of constructions not only complement the structures but also provide extra visual elements.


High-quality materials are an essential component of interior design. Silk, velvet, and brocade silk are chosen for upholstery and drapery, embellishing the space with their polyurethane, variety, and softness. Trivial patterns like arabesque motifs and callographic symbols might be found on cushions or curtains that are used to inspire a sense of culture.


The use of soft but comfortable lighting for the majlis is the basis for creating a welcoming atmosphere for the guests. The delicately carved lanterns, pendant lights, and recessed luminaires assist in achieving the soothing effect. At the same time, they’re adding a touch of opulence to the general ambiance of the room.


Significance in Contemporary Living:

The Arabic Majlis is the link of the modern community to its roots, allowing people to intermingle heritage and contemporary living. The purpose of the majlis is still the same: to lower the speed of digital connectivity, which tends to reduce face-to-face interactions. The locations are private and free places where mutual talks and friendships are formed. It demonstrates human tenacity, heartwarming stories, and the value of neighborhood, hospitality, and global interrelationships in a world that is rapidly transitioning into a globally interconnected one.

Significance in Contemporary Living:

The Majlis that is fitted in the modern Arabic space is a fusion between the traditional and the modern, functioning as an ideal ground to collide the cultural heritage with contemporary lifestyles. In this hectic world of contemporary language and digital communication substituting real contact and dialogue, people need to have the majlis to keep grasping on the personal connection and conversation. It is a more recent task of the sportsmen to act as community ambassadors by reminding people about the values of friendship, hospitality, and collective sharing between people belonging to different countries.

Incorporating the Modern Arabic Majlis into Your Home:Incorporating the Modern Arabic Majlis into Your Home:

It doesn’t matter if you are of Middle Eastern ancestry or someone who appreciates the charm of Arabic architecture. Bringing aspects of modern Arabic Majlis into your house can help create a more homely experience. Think about composing traditional decor elements in your design, like cozy cushions and fading your living room with soft textures, and set up a seating arrangement that will facilitate socializing and rejuvenation. Through the interpretation of the Modern Arabic Majlis, your designs can weave between the lines of the old and the new while keeping them soothing and charming.


The Majlis Merijan Al Modern becomes a model of culture as it expresses the attributes of hospitality, tradition, and refinement. Its transition from the times of the gathering spaces of centuries ago to the modern ones shows that the Arabic design principles are more significant in today’s world than they were back then. The modern Arabic Majlis aesthetic is a seamless blend of the Arabian Peninsula’s history, culture, and natural beauty. Through the exhibit, we pay homage to our roots, and so we gather a sense of place in spaces that invite togetherness, dialogue, and sharing.

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