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Ultimate Guide to Curtain Sizes in the UAE: Perfect Fit for Your Home 2024

Here is the detailed Curtain Sizes in the UAE

Curtain Sizes in the UAE Window treatments are an important part of interior design since they are used not only for the purpose of giving a building a distinct look but also for more practical reasons such as protection from prying eyes and control of the amount of light that can either enter or leave a room. As we can see, the architecture and interior designs in the UAE range from modern to traditional; thus, the size of the curtain is strategically important for the enhancement of the setting of your interior.

This guide will reveal the curtain sizes common in the UAE, the right methods that should be followed for curtain measuring, as well as advice on identifying suitable curtains for your windows Curtain Sizes in the UAE

Standard Curtain Sizes

This is the basic curtain size information and there are various curtain sizes available but the most commonly available curtain size in the UAE market is the above ones. These sizes are standard for most window openings in homes and other offices since they are average. Curtain Sizes in the UAE

Ready-Made Curtains

Width: The general width of ready-made curtains include; width 117 cm (46 inches), 168 cm (66 inches) and 228 cm ( 90 inches).

Length: Some of the standard sizes are 137 cm (54 inches), 183 cm (72 inches), 275 cm (90 inches), 274 cm (108 inches), and others.

Curtain Sizes in the UAE
Curtain Sizes in the UAE

Custom-Made Curtains

Ready-made curtains come pre-made and standardised, while custom-made curtains are cut according to the size of the windows and can therefore be made to any given size or length. This option is preferred in the UAE because different buildings and their windows are very different in their sizes and shapes. Curtain Sizes in the UAE

Measuring for Curtains

There is nothing more specific about measurements than curtains to ensure they fit well. Here are the steps to measure your windows for curtains:Here are the steps to measure your windows for curtains Curtain Sizes in the UAE


Determine the width of the window or the distance between the rod on which the curtain will be suspended.

If you wish to get more width, then lengthen your curtains by about 20-30 cm (8-12 inches) extra so that when one set is closed, the other is overlapping the frame of the window.

If the curtain rod protrudes past the window sash then measure the curtain rod’s full length.


Determine how low you wish the bottom of your curtains to be (ie. on windowsill, just beneath window, floor length etc. ).

Starting from the curtain rod’s height you need to measure to a particular point on the wall.

Taking this into account, consider whether you would like the curtains to fall to the floor or hang slightly below this level Curtain Sizes in the UAE

Types of Curtain Lengths

Sill Length:

More specifically, there are curtains that do not reach the ground and come down only halfway up the window sill.

Often found in smaller enclosures or doors like kitchen or doors or shower enclosure.

Apron Length:

Barely touching the window sill and have hanging, but do not reach the floor.

It is specifically good for the windows of female living room or bedroom where there may be some furniture below the window.

Floor Length:

Even if they only drag slightly on the ground or are just above the ground, such as floor-length curtain.

This solution is often used in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms to bring a more modern and refined touch to the furniture Curtain Sizes in the UAE

Puddle Length:

Sabots: The curtains that are bowed out and drop down below the floor level, or make a puddling.

It is still widely applied in official or Royal like environment and in interior design to give the room a royal look.

Selecting an Appropriate Curtain Size

When selecting curtain sizes, consider the following factors:When selecting curtain sizes, consider the following factors: Curtain Sizes in the UAE

Room Functionality

A final innovation in bedrooms is the use of blackout curtains that should also be long enough to cover a larger area than the window itself because they offer improved control of light and privacy.

In living rooms, sheer or semi-sheer curtains are good for allowing natural light to get into the room while avoiding the inconvenience of people outside getting a peek into the room. Curtain Sizes in the UAE

Aesthetic Preferences

When hoping for a chic and modern appeal, consider floor length curtains that fall straight along the floor.

A typical or formal look requires floor-length curtains where the material will hang loose over the window sill. Curtain Sizes in the UAE

Window Style

For example, if a house has narrow or oddly shaped windows such as the bay windows or French doors, this might demand separate drapes that will match the shape and size.

As an interior decoration item that has continued to grow popular in the UAE, when curtain shopping there are several factors one needs to consider.

Tips for Curtain Shopping in the UAE

Local Retailers and Markets: Buy curtain designs from local home décor stores, flea markets, and other centres such as Dragon Mart or even the Dubai Mall.

Online Shopping: Store links: www. ikea-uae. com; www. homecentre. com; www. amazon. com. ae is rich in both ready made curtain and bespoken curtain collections.

Professional Consultation: It is recommended that one hires a curtain maker or an interior designer to offer guidance on and assist in measuring for curtains to get the proper fit.


The same goes for curtains in the UAE; selecting the perfect curtain size means identifying curtain standard sizes, calculating precise measurements of windows and considering certain important factors relevant to the particular location. One thing when it comes to curtains is that it is always wise to select the right size, whether you are choosing ready-made curtains or ordering customised ones, which will improve the beauty of the house as well as its functionality.

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