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Wooden Doors & Wall Paneling

We have a wide range of standard doors and decorative doors. We specialize in all kinds of wooden doors. Additionally, from designing to manufacturing to installation we do it all to make your whole process an easy one.
Your satisfaction is our secret of success! We at Paramount Curtains., believe in manufacturing and producing wooden doors with high quality and magnificent designs that meet your requirements. It is a wooden manufacturing company of repute engaged in manufacturing outstanding interior and exterior doors for residential and commercial projects. the work of the most prominent decorations and designs on doors, frames, and architraves, because without doubt, your satisfaction is the secret of our success

We manufacture all kinds of Hardwood doors like:

  • Oak Wood
  • Ash Wood
  • Red Meranti
  • Beach Wood
  • Maple Wood
  • Walnut Wood
  • Burma Teak Wood
  • African Teak Wood
  • Mohagany Hardwood

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